Our Vision

“Be the leading solution provider at every source of water pollution.”

Our Mission

“The mission of Klaro Lanka is to provide the best solution to our customers in treating the industrial / domestic wastewater before discharging into a natural water source. We provide them best quality wastewater treatment systems with high reliability and optimum efficiency with required information, training and customer-friendly post sales service & maintenance.”


Whether it's a family home, hotel or municipality – KLARO has the perfect wastewater treatment plant for every application, up to 5,000 people. 500,000 people have already put their trust in KLARO technology. The KLARO development team is constantly working on intelligent waste water solutions. The goal is to explore new ways and to continuously improve tried and tested systems. New products run under real conditions in the company’s own test facilities in Bayreuth.


Klaro Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd of Dhanusha Group of Companies introduced Klaro advanced wastewater treatment systems to Sri Lanka in collaboration with Klaro GmbH, Germany. Klaro Lanka is engaged in total waste water treatment solutions targeting sustainable development in Sri Lanka and closely collaborating with government institutes to design national level treatment plants all over the island. Klaro customers benefit the high-quality discharge of effluent by Klaro Products which is well below the regulated parameters of CEA.

CEA Sri Lanka consultant certification

Klaro Lanka has been a consultant specialist of Central Environmental Authority (CEA) since 2011, the prime regulatory body of environment protection in Sri Lanka for technical guidance in pollution control activities.

Our Partners