Light fluid separator class I & II

In sites where wastewater containing oil and petrol accumulates, the wastewater must be cleaned through a light fluid separator before it can be discharged into the drain. The system consists of a separation zone, a oil collector, a sludge trap and a sampling point. The light fluid separators are available as petrol separators or as coalescence separators.

The system is suitable for:
Car wash facilities and workshops, Petrol stations and vehicle fleets, Hazardous goods stores
Potential accessories:
Optional sludge collector, Warning systems, Optional integrated sampling port

KLARO light fluid separation unit (class I & II) (Class II) and (Class I) is the separation unit we are using in the KLsepa.compact light fluid separators. With this separation unit, we are able to meet the requirements of customers, who already have the necessary tank for their separator and don't want to build up a new one. Caused by the flexibility of the KLARO separation technology, it can also be used for prefabricated GFK-tanks. Therefore we offer the retrofit-kit, which can fit in round and rectangular tanks observing a few parameters.