KLARO Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

The KLARO System: Adaptable to nearly every situation of installation up to 50 PE due to the wide range of optional add-ons. That makes it the all-rounder amongst the small wastewater treatment plants.

Loading phase (1)

Aeration phase (2)

Sedimentation phase (3)

Sludge removal and clearwater extraction (4)


  • For tanks made of concrete, plastic, GRP, ...
  • For installation in existing tanks or new systems
  • Can be retrofitted to 2, 3 or 4 chamber pits
  • Additional components (UV module, phosphate removal,...) and remote control via WebMonitor ®
  • Verly low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance; durable and reliable

Effluent values

Wastewater parameter KLARO Easy drainage values* Degree of efficiency
COD (chemical oxygen demand) 39 mg/l 94.6 %
BOD5 (biochemical oxygen demand) 9 mg/l 97.3 %
SS (suspended solids) 15 mg/l 96.2 %

Why choose Klaro?

Klaro Other Systems
Low Electricity Very high Electricity Cost
Low Maintenance Costs Very high Maintenance Cost
No Chemicals Used Various Chemicals mixed
No Pumps/ No Mechanical or Electrical Parts in Water Various Mechanical & Electrical Parts in Water
Low Operational Sound High Sound from the Machines
Total Underground System Need a lot of space
Less Installation Period High Construction Time