KLARO WebMonitor®

The KLARO WebMonitor® takes over the legally stipulated daily controls and automatically saves the plant data once a month. This means that the operator is relieved of its monitoring duties. The KLARO WebMonitor® performs this task on the operator's behalf by calling the plant on a daily basis to check its operational status. In the event of errors in the plant the KLARO WebMonitor® sends an error notification to the address stored in the system by Email. Then the partner can act upon this immediately in the plant. Errors can be acknowledged and settings can be changed. Travelling time and costs no longer apply and the operator receives direct and fast assistance. All events are automatically saved in the KLARO WebMonitor® and are available for download.

Advantages for the operator

No monitoring on-site

Automatic data storage

Monitoring when absent

Remote of outdoor cabinets

Advantages for the partner

Overview of all plants

Direct access via internet

Email notification in the case of an error

Continous automatic monitoring