Plants for Hotels/ Appartments

Klaro Lanka provide SBR systems for any type of accommodation. Whether it is a hotel, apartment, holiday resort, bungalow or your own home, Klaro provides the most convenient solutions for the wastewater. KLARO systems always provide an optimum treatment performance. This is the case regardless of whether it is a new building or a retrofit, as our system can be integrated largely independent of the geometry and material of the tank.


The KLARO System: Adaptable to nearly every situation of installation up to 50 PE due to the wide range of optional add-ons. That makes it the all-rounder amongst the small wastewater treatment plants...

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KLARO One is the latest development in fully biological wastewater treatment plant from KLARO. It operates based on the tried and tested KLARO principle: No pumps, or mechanical and electrical parts in the wastewater...

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KLARO 2nd Stage

You can retrofit an existing septic tank to a small wastewater treatment plant with the KLARO retrofit kit. Therefore a bio reactor is downstreamed to the septic tank...


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Individual Projects

Systems for more than 50 inhabitants work on the same principle as small wastewater treatment systems and use the SBR process...

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KLARO® is a mobile sewage plant in a standard 20 ft container...


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KL reuse

Avoid the wastage of precious fresh water resources through the reuse of highly treated wastewater for outdoor purposes like gardening...


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KLARO WebMonitor

The KLARO WebMonitor® takes over the legally stipulated daily controls and automatically saves the plant data once a month. This means that the operator is relieved of its monitoring duties...

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Light Fluid Separator

In sites where wastewater containing oil and petrol accumulates, the wastewater must be cleaned through a light fluid separator before it can be discharged into the drain...

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Grease Separator

In sites where wastewater containing fat accumulates, the wastewater must be cleaned through a grease separator before it can be discharged into the drain...

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Commercial Wastewater

It is generated during production and processing in industrial and commercial plants. For the most part, it consists of flushing water that is generated during cleaning work...

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Rainwater Harvesting System

KLARO also delivers Rainwater Harvesting Systems for your holiday homes through GRP or PE tanks.